Existing Tooling Support

When other tools don’t perform, Cougar offers several different services for existing tooling to find you the optimal solution. Tool modification, reconditioning, resharpening, and regrinding are among our services that maintain your existing tooling.

Cougar is set up for flexibility. We make new tools as well as resharpen old tools in our facility. Not sure if we’re up to the task? Call or send us a message, and our staff will answer any questions you may have.

Minimum quantity is 12 rework-able tools, blanket pricing available.

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Engineering Services

Customized tooling support. Instead of a “one size fits all approach”, we build your tool with your application in mind. From developing initial tooling, to improvements to your existing processes, let Cougar utilize our 30+ years experience of producing quality tooling to help your bottom line!

  • Finding proper tool geometry for your application
  • Choosing proper tool material and coating
  • Reducing tooling cost through superior performance


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Edge Preparation

Get the hidden advantage! When it comes to tool life, nothing beats a consistent edge preparation. By utilizing the latest technology, we are able to give you the upper hand when it comes to critical tool applications. Make your tools meet your performance standards!

  • Adds strength to tool’s cutting edge
  • Lengthens tool life
  • Improves part quality and consistency
  • Lowers risk of chipping
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Laser Marking

In a pinch for laser marking? Has your marking system gone down? Let us laser mark your tools for you! With quick turnaround and special features like customized logos and serial numbers, let Cougar take care of your laser marking needs.

  • Proper laser intensity for different materials
  • Custom logos, serial numbers

Core pricing is $25 for set-up, and then $1 per tool. For larger orders, we will provide a quote.

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