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Cougar Cutting Tools was founded in 1987 by our current President, Vic Stefan, and other like-minded individuals who believed that “you’re only as good as the last tool you made”. There was a need by many companies in the aerospace and automotive industries for a tooling supplier that put quality first. Hence, Cougar was established to fulfill that need and continues to do so today. From our humblest beginnings in Sterling Heights, MI to our current facility in Clinton Township, MI, Cougar has continually grown to become a leader in special solid carbide tooling.​

Cougar Cutting Tools is currently located on Metro Detroit’s east side, just minutes away from Selfridge Air Base in Clinton Township. Our 15,000 sq. ft. facility houses the latest in grinding technology. By continually reinvesting in our equipment and staff, Cougar is able to stay at the forefront of custom carbide tooling, resulting in a better quality product at a lower cost to you.

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Our mission has always been to provide innovative custom carbide cutting tools to our customers. Cougar is committed to providing outstanding service, quick turnaround times, and maintaining our high standards for quality. Improvement is our business; we want to improve ourselves, our tooling, and our customers’ production.

Customer Service

Cougar is dedicated to our customers’ success. We make sure all of our tools are priced competitively, maintain low quote and lead times, and arrive on-time. In the event you have to return one of our products, please give us a call to start the return process.

At Cougar Cutting Tools, we take pride in our products. We stand behind our tooling, and we want our customers to feel satisfied with us. If you experience any performance issues with our tools, please do not hesitate to reach out. Feedback from our customers helps us improve our designs and understand our customers’ needs. 

Feel free to drop in to our office with urgent requests; you’ll be able to talk with one of us right away about your application.

Production Capabilities

Custom drills, reamers, end mills, slot cutters, keyseat cutters, and more! We specialize in small run custom tooling batches; it’s been our specialty since our start in 1987! We’ve improved our processes over the years, and we now handle large quantities and can offer blanket pricing. All of our tools are made here in the USA.

Just because a tool is not listed or pictured does not mean we are incapable of making it! We have made millions of tools, and there is a large chance we have worked on what you need. We are more than happy to take any call or answer any inquiry about any type of tool. 

Secondary services like laser marking, engineering services, and tool resharpening are also available. See our services page for more information, and feel free to contact us if you think we could help with a project!

Quoting Standards and Restrictions

Cougar does not support the use of our tooling in power (hand) tools. Cougar designs our tools to be used in machines, and use in hand tools will often lead to tool failure/snapping. 

We encourage all tooling requests to come with a print, if you have one. This will allow us to accurately estimate pricing and ensure we can meet our customer’s requirements on tolerance, quality, and surface finish. 

Please let us know if you want your quote to be sent to a distributor instead. We honor all distributor’s prior relationships with our customers. 

Terms and Conditions

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