Custom Carbide Drills

When it comes to holemaking, nobody does it better than Cougar! In fact, the majority of tools we produce are considered drills. Our versatility allows us the ability to produce a wide variety of drills points for your application. We are constantly adding new points into our library based on our customers’ feedback and welcome the opportunity to lend our expertise for you. Our geometries, combined with the latest in PVD coating technology, will result in a superior performing tool. Cougar stands at the forefront of carbide cutting tool manufacturing.

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High Performance Drills

Have a certain machining target in mind? Let Cougar design a drill specifically for your application. We can maximize your tool life by selecting proper grades of material, drill and fluting geometry, and pair it with the right coating, Our software allows us to produce a wide variety of High Performance drill types for your machining savings.

  • The Most Advanced Drill Geometry
  • Extreme Performance
  • High Tool Life

3 Fluted Drills

More is better! Our 3 fluted drills can provide better surface finishes than traditional 2 flute geometries.

  • Great for Cored Holes
  • Available with Coolant-Thru
  • PVD Coating for Added Tool-Life

Deep Hole Drills

If you are in need of a deep hole drilling solution, look no further than Cougar. We can custom produce many sizes of drills that work well in Steels, Aluminum, and many other applications.

  • Up to 18xD
  • Available with Coolant-Thru
  • PVD Coating Available

G Drills

If you’re looking for a tool that can drill and finish your hole in one shot, look no further than our ‘G’ Drills. Our standard double-margin design provides a burnishing effect which can eliminate the need for a finishing tool. 

  • Great for Cast Iron & Aluminum
  • Coolant Thru and PVD Coating Ready
  • Straight or Step Drill and Chamfer
  • An Excellent Choice for Tap Drill & Chamfer

Parabolic Drills

A chip’s best friend! Open fluting on our Parabolic drills allows easy chip flow through the gullet. Combine that with a high polish, and you’re sure to have a great performing tool when machining “sticky” workpieces like some Aluminum alloys!

  • Open Fluting for Aluminum
  • High Polish Allows Great Chip Flow
  • Available Straight or Stepped

TF Drill

Michelangelo would be proud! Our sculptured point allows for aggressive machining of softer materials such as Brass and Aluminum.

  • Sculpted Point for softer materials
  • PVD Coating Available
  • Coolant Thru Ready

Subland Drills

For the cleanest cuts, use our subland drills! Cut perfect countersinks with ease using our tried and true geometry.

  • Cut Perfect Countersinks
  • Easily Resharpenable
  • Coolant Thru Available

Taper Drills

Tapers are no match for a Cougar Cutter! Whether it be Cast Iron or Steel, let us build you a tool so you can see the difference. Don’t mess with the rest when only the best will do!

  • Cut Great Tapers in a Variety of Applications
  • Coolant Thru Available
  • Special Edge Prep for Additional Tool Life

Twist Drills

Time to do the twist! Our twist drills can be customized to fit any application you have.

  • Tried and True Holemaking
  • Coolant Thru, PVD Coating Available
  • Straight or Stepped